Cooperation with the BMW Foundation


Cooperation with the BMW Foundation

Since 2018, we have been working closely with the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt to explore the potential of existing skills within networks. The core hypothesis is that the members of our networks possess many skills and competencies that can help meet charitable needs. Innovative formats such as Impact Sessions, during which network members have the opportunity to solve specific challenges or issues they are encountering in their work, thus allow for a concrete positive impact within social organisations.

In September 2018 we organized a short Impact Session with Silicon Valley-based start-up Augmania, who were looking for ways to increase their social impact. The one-day consulting format, in which twenty members of the Bosch Alumni Network and the BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Network participated, motivated the founder to realign her overall strategy and CSR activities.

Managing director Darius Polok and Senior Project Manager Armin Pialek, former BMW Foundation team member

In December, we supported the fourth edition of the Social Impact Days in Moscow and Yaroslavl. There, we brought together fourty European executives from various sectors to tap into the potential of a "collaborative" city. The TEXTIL collective served as a local case study in Yaroslavl and was supported on topics such as strategy development, community building, fundraising and campaign running. At the same time the participants received a deep insight into the potentials and challenges of the city of Yaroslavl.

Together with global partners such as foundations, associations and intermediaries, we create needs assessments and develop and test prototypes for formats and digital tools that activate the competencies of and within networks. The knowledge and methods gained are shared publicly in order to support learning in the philantrophic field. Insights gained can, for example, be found on our website

“By supporting the iac Berlin as an open platform, we seek to strengthen the global networks of changemakers and responsible leaders by providing new networking methods in the form of open knowledge,”

says Markus Hipp, Executive Director of the BMW foundation Herbert Quandt.


The iac Berlin advises foundations and other non-profit organizations in its alumni work, helps with practical solutions in the design of impact-oriented networks and initiates new forms of cooperation.

The BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt promotes responsible leadership by connecting individuals through the global BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Network, a diverse and collaborative community that drives positive change towards a peaceful, just and sustainable future.

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