Building a Global Network


Building a Global Network

Together with global partners such as foundations, associations and intermediaries, we create needs assessments and develop and test prototypes for formats and digital tools that activate the competencies of and within networks. The knowledge and methods gained are shared publicly in order to support learning in the philanthropic field. Insights gained can be found in our Resource section. 

Since 2018, we have been working closely with the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt to explore the potential of existing skills within networks. The core hypothesis is that the members of our networks possess many skills and competencies that can help meet charitable needs. Innovative formats such as Impact Sessions, during which network members have the opportunity to solve specific challenges or issues they are encountering in their work, thus allow for a concrete positive impact within social organizations

In seeking approaches that are more collaborative, creative and continuous to increase the impact of our work, we are constantly confronted with such questions as:

• How can we best meet the challenges of a dynamic global society?
• How do we unite people around a common goal?
• What is the role of our foundation in taking on this challenge?
• What is our role in bringing the right actors together?

We believe that many of our colleagues in the philanthropic field share these questions and are ready to start seeking solutions - together. We believe that by bringing together all of our experiences, intelligence, tools and practices, we can find solutions to drive forward our entire community. 

The Connecting Networks Community is committed to this evolution of thought, because we believe that only when our entire field is successful, can we truly achieve the widespread change we all seek. We are convinced that connecting our alumni, grantees, fellows, partners and employees in wider networks, will not only be an exceptional opportunity, it will be a critical amplifier for our future impact.

Connecting Networks is a community of 25 foundations and other non-profit organizations that want to strengthen and further develop their networking approach. Learn more here.

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