Our Ambition: A partner in philanthropy for more impact through networks

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Our Ambition: A partner in philanthropy for more impact through networks

Within a changing environment, we believe that networks can be a key asset and powerful tool for creating sustainable impact. Over the course of many years and decades, foundations have developed strong relationships with large numbers of individuals and organizations dedicated to making a positive impact. They have provided resources, built capacity, advocated for causes, facilitated connections and offered a wide range of other types of support. Yet few, if any, have found ways to further empower these people, their ideas and their organizations beyond the direct, time-bound support of established programs. 

To kick-start this process in the last two years, we have: 

  • Built up the Bosch Alumni Network, reaching over 5,000 members and implementing more than 120 projects designed to contribute to an open, just and sustainable world.
  • Designed a field activity with members from 20+ European foundations 
  • Developed strong partnerships with foundations such as: Mercator, BMW Foundation, McConnell

Going forward, we want to create an even bigger shift in philanthropy by changing the focus from individual actions to developing stronger relationships between actors. As a partner during this shift, and in order to scale-up the desired impact and make it more effective, we need approaches that are more collaborative, creative and carry continuity.

We believe that harnessing the power of networks can be such an approach and we are here to help build those networks, together. By connecting alumni, partners and employees of different foundations in a wider network, we can develop a shared sense of belonging, facilitate direct connections between these thousands formerly unconnected individuals and thus drive a significant increase in our individual networks’ resources, engagements and ideas dedicated to making the world more open, just and sustainable.

We drive the development of networks on many different levels, for instance by developing personal skills and organizational capacities. Together with colleagues from various European Foundations, we learn new methods and techniques and together form a “Learning Community”.

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