Monday on the Couch: Humanitarian Action in the Mediterranean

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Monday on the Couch: Humanitarian Action in the Mediterranean

Why EU and Member States policies lead to the criminalisation of migration and civic action

These and other issues were explored during our last Monday on the Couch at our community space at the iac Berlin with the title “Refugees, Activists and Humanitarian - all criminals?". Together with the Berlin based think tank Centre for Humanitarian Action (CHA), researcher Sarah Hammerl and Muhammed al-Kashef, consultant researcher and advocate of WatchTheMed - Alarm Phone the Berlin community discussed current drivers of anti-migration policies and sentiments among European politicians as well as the public. “Migration is not a crisis or a problem, the policies and laws made it a problem” argues Muhammed al-Kashef, who also denounced the EU´s lack of alternative models for migration other than investing in the externalization of asylum procedures to non-EU countries. As the research by Sarah Hammerl concludes, the EU´s security approach towards migration has also increasingly shrinked the space for civic actions assisting asylum seekers on their way to and in Europe, leading to the systematic arrest and prosecution of humanitarian actors as well as citizens.

We would like to thank the Centre for Humanitarian Action (CHA), United Against Inhumanity and WatchTheMed - Alarm Phone for the great and enriching collaboration. The discussion was moderated by Sonja Hövelmann from CHA. 


Monday on the Couch is a discussion format within the Bosch Alumni Network. One Monday each month, we are inviting experts from our network to the iac Community Space to discuss a current political or societal topic. After the discussion, there is time to continue the conversation over drinks.

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