Monday on the Couch: The Future of Ukraine

Ukraine will experience a full-fledged election cycle in 2019, with presidential elections in March (including a potential run-off in April), parliamentary elections in October, and local elections in the united territorial communities, which were created in the course of the decentralization reform, in 2020. It is not an exaggeration to assume that these elections will ultimately decide about the future of the country, both domestically and internationally.

Our speaker on the panel was Professor Mikhail Minakov, a political philosopher and analyst with research interest in human experience, social knowledge, political systems, historical consciousness and multiple modernities, author of six books and over 100 articles in philosophy, political theory, history and culture, currently Guest Professor to Viadrina University.

He pointed out that the build-up of post-soviet political systems (Belarus, Azerbaidzhan, Georgia) and especially in the Ukrainian political system, is characterized by weak formal and strong informal institutions, both of which different political-economical clans tend to control. The relationship between the political centre and the ‘local barons’ in the periphery, with the former giving the latter plenty of rope since they are dependent upon their local power in helping to win the elections – all of that happening in a context where the ability to self-government was constantly lost and now has to be re-learned.

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Monday on the Couch is a discussion format within the Bosch Alumni Network. One Monday each month, we are inviting experts from our network to the iac Community Space to discuss a current political or societal topic. After the discussion, there is time to continue the conversation over drinks.

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