Monday on the Couch: Yesterday and Today - Migrant Workers in Germany

The “Mall of Berlin” was built from 2011 to 2014 in the heart of Germany's capital. Its construction site exemplified the precarious working conditions for migrant workers in Germany. Here, several Romanian construction workers did not know their rights or even spoke German. They worked without contracts and were paid in cash by subcontractors of the investor.

Is there a discrepancy between law and justice? Are there still chances for workers to get their money? What would another legal process look like? Could the same thing still happen today, or have the general conditions of migrant workers in construction changed?

These and more questions were raised and discussed during our Monday on the Couch on 2nd December 2019. At the Community Space of the iac Berlin, the journalists Johanna Treblin (Germany) and Aida Ivan (Romania) reported about their research in the case of the „Mall of Berlin“. Together with Ovidiu Mindrila, one affected construction worker, they discussed the case, the general situation of migrant workers in Germany and possible solutions.


Monday on the Couch is a discussion format within the Bosch Alumni Network. One Monday each month, we are inviting experts from our network to the iac Community Space to discuss a current political or societal topic. After the discussion, there is time to continue the conversation over drinks.

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