EUtopia’s Democracy Cities: Urban Democracy in Europe

Having a say in political matters constitutes the basis of democracy and also makes up for a huge part of one’s attachment to the community. But not being entitled to vote is a classic dilemma in today’s European member states – especially in urban areas with increasingly international populations.

Starting from Vienna, EUtopia’s Democracy Cities has been launched to stimulate a dialogue between European cities. It discussed visions of a transnational European urban democracy, such as:

  • What can cities learn from each other?
  • How can they cooperate in providing more and better democratic tools?

Project organizer Tamara Ehs outlines the project's scope and expectations for the booklet it produced:

"The project EUtopia's Democracy Cities introduces visions and practical tools for urban democracy. Starting from Vienna it is designed to spread out to other European cities with a multi-national population. The aim of this booklet is to foster dialogue on solutions for a more inclusive democracy and encourage co-creation among European cities as well as productive dialogue for common strategic action."

The report is available in the reader below and as download as well.