Online Facilitation

Enable interaction and exchange in the virtual world.

Online Facilitation

Online calls are essential these days. Our best practices can help you to facilitate them more effectively.

The world as we know it has changed significantly during the time of the global pandemic. Across the globe, people are staying home to stay safe. At an unprecedented speed, meetings, workshops, and entire conferences were moved from offline to online. But how do you plan and host impactful online events? How does networking and enabling human connections work in the virtual world? What are the best technologies and tools to achieve our goals and how to make a choice? And how do we best document online meetings?
Through our own experience we have built robust practices which enable us to support our partners in civil society and philanthropy to move their activities to the online sphere. Should you need support or advice in this area, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Rhythm is important: set a fixed time for weekly/daily meetings                              
  • Keep it short: limit the sessions to 90 minutes maximum                              
  • Share the work: 2 facilitators/hosts for long sessions 
  • Prepare the tools: be there 3 minutes early, explain the features to participants (mute, raise hand, reactions, etc.)
  • Welcome the audience: take time to check in with everyone
  • Visualize: agenda, breakout questions, etc. 
  • Use breakout sessions: interactive, foster deep exchange among participants 
  • Keep it interesting: energizer, stretching
  • Keep it simple: utilize formats that suit the virtual space, e.g. interviews
  • Collaborate: use the chat function or shared documents to collect resources and ideas

Ideas for hosting fun online experiences (external): 

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