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Partnerships for Networks

We work with foundations, academia, public institutions and non-profit organizations to build networks with social impact and initiate new forms of collaboration and engagement with their alumni, fellows and partners.

In our Partnerships for Networks we act as an enabler, not as a service provider. We start with thinking and end by doing and within this process create open - not proprietary - knowledge.
Are you setting up a network or are looking for more collaborative approaches of working together? We provide targeted support, including:

  • Network analysis
  • Network strategy development with our in-house Strategy Builder
  • Helping you define your purpose, mission and social change goals 
  • Providing guidance on different approaches to building networks according to the different stages of growth through workshops and trainings
  • Facilitating meetings and learning exchanges with your team, partners, beneficiaries or board members
  • Teaching you how to build and maintain structures (administrative and technical) that enable collaboration in and between networks
  • Leveraging skills for impact
  • Developing, designing and prototyping formats and tools for impact

Characteristics: How we work

  • We are open to new ideas and approaches and are curious to learn new things
  • We are always ready to roll up our sleeves and experiment
  • We are professional and enjoy what we do 
  • We work together with partners and share our knowledge with others


We have supported the following organizations:


Darius Polok
Managing Director 

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