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A Universal Tool: The Strategy Builder

Sustainable positive impact is rarely a product of chance, but rather of meticulous planning and strategizing. The iac Berlin enjoys a unique position in that we not only research promising methodologies, but we can also put them to the test with our partners and the Bosch Alumni Network. The essence of this on-going cycle of inspiration and experience is available as a handy, but powerful tool: the Strategy Builder.

The Strategy Builder is an easy-to-use, accessible strategy canvas that also provides the depth required in the initial development or a subsequent transformational period in a network building process. It structures strategic processes into 3 distinct steps:

  1. Founding Intent
  2. Network Domains
  3. Organizational Domains

Step 2 in particular has proven highly beneficial for our partners, as it helps them to create a future vision of their networks as well as providing the means for concrete measures. Based on a thorough evaluation of the status quo, it provides users with methods to easily define and allocate resources, as well as a clear guide to action.

Implementing the Strategy Builder

The Strategy Builder can be used when building a network from scratch or to adapt and expand on an already existing one.

The latter was the case in our advisory process with the media and journalist network n-ost in 2020. n-ost is an association of professionals engaged in cross-border journalism with a focus on Eastern Europe and assists in funding investigations. It offers different forms of capacity building for its members. In several co-creative, online workshops designed around the Strategy Builder, key points and specific steps were identified that would help transform the network from a membership-based organization to an open, multilingual community. Since this is seen as a crucial step in the organization’s development, both leadership and all network members were invited to share their ideas and needs.

At the end of a very fruitful cooperation that leveraged the members’ collective knowledge and experience, a clear strategy was developed and put into action.

The Strategy Builder is available for free as a PDF, and we will be happy to guide you through our experience in using this powerful tool.

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