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Designing Impact Networks

As a Do & Think Tank for impact networks, iac Berlin works with foundations, academia, public institutions, and locally rooted non-profit organizations to build networks and alliances with social impact and to initiate new forms of collaboration and engagement. Together with our partners, we co-create innovative ways to empower people and their ideas to make their impact more effective and sustainable over time. We contribute to a growing community of network builders and share our knowledge in an open-source way.

iac Berlin was founded in 2017 by the Robert Bosch Stiftung.

We see networks as a pivotal asset and a powerful tool for creating impact—especially for today’s philanthropic institutions.

Over the course of many decades, philanthropic organizations have developed strong relationships with large numbers of individuals and organizations, providing resources, building capacity, facilitating connections, and offering a wide range of other types of support.

Yet few have found ways to further empower these people, their ideas, and their organizations beyond the direct, time-bound support of established programs. In order to do so, more collaborative, creative and continuous approaches are needed.

That is why the iac Berlin serves as a center of expertise for impact networks in philanthropy and related fields. We see our primary role as being initiators and guides. We work closely together with our partners to design the most fitting approaches. Together, we are taking on network-building at many different levels, including:

  • developing personal skills and supporting network-builders;
  • sharing experience-based solutions and knowledge;
  • incubating and implementing prototypes of Impact Alliances and Alumni Networks;
  • coaching and consulting non-profit organizations on their network-building;
  • shaping an inspiring community of peers in the philanthropic field.

By using an orchestrated approach that harnesses the power, reach, and ideas of many, we can significantly amplify the impact for all.

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