Convening & Training

The Collective Power of Many

We believe in the positive long-term effects of bringing together peers for exchange and cooperative learning formats. As a Do & Think Tank, we see the practical and cooperative aspect on equal footing with a sound theoretical framework. Pooling our experiences and networks, we learn from each other as well as with each other through consultations, learning labs, workshops, and facilitated peer exchange.

We provide targeted support ranging from network analysis to strategy development, and can facilitate learning exchanges with your team, partners, beneficiaries, as well as board members.

In virtual, physical or hybrid workshops and co-learning events, we:

  • Connect thinking and doing;
  • Focus on the assets and the ambition of the group;
  • Generate open knowledge.

The iac Berlin is uniquely positioned, in that we not only research promising methodologies to support network building, but can also test them first-hand in the Bosch Alumni Network. We then make the knowledge and experience gained from this loop of theory and practice available to foundations, academia, public institutions, and non-profit organizations that want to build networks with social impact.

Are you setting up a network or are looking for more collaborative ways to work together?

Don't hesitate to get in touch with:

Darius Polok
Managing Director

Sharing experiences