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We strongly support knowledge sharing and make this an essential component of all of our projects. In this way, we not only produce insightful knowledge that benefits our own projects and partners, but we are also developing a wealth of tools, case studies, reports and publications that can be used by network-builders everywhere.

Our open-access, resource library encompasses a wide array of network-related topics organized into the following categories:

  • Strategy
    How can you set up a network and tailor it to your specific mission?
  • Leadership
    How much and what kind of leadership does your network need?
  • Impact
    How can you measure and improve the impact of your network?
  • Facilitation
    How can you create spaces for learning, inspiration and moments of serendipity?
  • Learning
    What innovative tools and methods can best be tailored to your network’s needs?

Our library provides you with articles, methods, tools, and a wealth of inspiration on how to analyze and build stronger networks and organizations.

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Darius Polok
Managing Director

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Are You In

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The International Alumni Center (iac Berlin) is a Think & Do Tank for alumni communities with social impact. It advises foundations and other non-profit organizations in its alumni work, helps with practical solutions in the design of impact-oriented networks and initiates new forms of cooperation.

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