Activity Report 2023

Understanding and developing relational approaches in the field of philanthropy

Relational approaches - such as multi-community networks, impact alliances, or ecosystems - are increasingly recognized for their potential to support sustainable solutions and to nurture greater resilience while navigating complex challenges.

At the same time, lacking experience in collaboration is a major risk to philanthropic sustainability. Expertise in building and sustaining alliances and networks is scarce, while intermediary organizations, networks, and movements around the world complain that there is still a lack of resources and appropriate funding instruments to develop and coordinate emerging approaches.

In this Activity Report we share our learnings on the “How?” to contribute to a better understanding and the further development of relational approaches in the field of philanthropy.

We have collected perspectives and key learnings from from peers, partners, and programs. Topics span from the question of what relational approaches in philanthropy are and why they matter, to an introduction on ecosystem catalyzation, as well as hands-on reports from the Bosch Alumni Network, the Global Diplomacy Lab, the Wasan Network, and our new partner the Othering and Belonging Institute.

Our work is made possible thanks to the support and collaboration of so many colleagues and partners. It is a privilege to be connected to all of you through our shared ambitions and initiatives.

If we piqued your curiosity and you would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

Download the complete iac Berlin Activity Report 2023 here: