Our Learning Labs

Networks and communities: Effective tools for addressing big challenges collectively

Although providing powerful means for addressing big challenges, the necessary competencies for working in and with networks and communities have only recently entered the philanthropic and social-impact field. The development of these competencies, such as systemic and network thinking, requires situations of learning and the experience of impact.

Best practices, learning from peers, planned inspirations as well as sudden moments of serendipity are pivotal aspects in this process.

To provide for this, we designed our highly versatile Learning Labs.

The two-day workshops are guided by five principles:

  1. Honesty: Enquiring genuinely into the partner’s lived practices and questions.
  2. Creativity: Giving safe space to think differently and to have the “new be” explored.
  3. Strategy: Building on own cases yet thinking beyond the single organization.
  4. Lightness: Making the time together inspiring and enjoyable.
  5. Openness: Sharing joint reflections and insights with the philanthropic community.

Since its foundation, our Learning Labs successfully brought together executives, strategists and network-builders from leading foundations across Europe to trigger new insights and develop new solutions for the successful implementation of networks for creating sustainabl solutions for the most pressing challenges.

Do you want to experience a Learning Lab with us as well?

It will provide you and your peers with new competencies and a heightened understanding of complex network questions. And it will feedback into the philanthropic world and our mutual understanding of how to address big challenges collectively.

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