Learning Lab: Impact of Networks (2020)

Building and analyzing stronger networks, organizations and communities

Held in late 2020, the Learning Lab on “Impact of Networks” featured speakers with diverse backgrounds, who were able to contribute a wide range of perspectives.

  • Gerald Wirth, president and artistic director of the Vienna Boys Choir, opened the lab with warm-up exercises that built human connections through song.
  • Peter Vandor, a senior researcher and manager of the Nonprofit Organization & Social Entrepreneurship Competence Center at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, provided insights on network impact from recent academic research. The entire study is available online.
  • Margaret Wheatley, co-founder and president of the Berkana Institute, contributed her unique experience as a consultant for leadership, culture change and organizational forms based on living systems. Her impulse is available online.
  • Werner Binnenstein-Bachstein, director of the Porticus Community Arts Lab, shared practical experiences from the development and work of the Community Arts Network. Substantive information is available online.
  • And finally, Vinzenz Himmighofen, a coordinator of the Bosch Alumni Network at iac Berlin, was joined by Peter Vandor to discuss the structure and culture of the network, and how they evaluated its impact based on a non-linear understanding of impact measurement. The entire study is available online.

Participants called the lab an invaluable opportunity to go deep into topics that are challenging for many network-builders. Feedback on the content and the learnings created have been strong and highly positive.

To sum up the respective Learning Lab, a dedicated reader has been compiled, providing summaries of the resources used during the lab as well as links to additional materials shared by the participants:

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