Impact of Networks: Using Art to Create Social Impact

On occasion of the Connecting Networks Learning Lab on “Impact of Networks” in November 2020, the Community Arts Network presented its unique approach of implementing Art in order to create social impact with philanthropic networks.

Based on their research and evaluation “Somewhere Places” and the assumption that Art can deal differently with complexity and emergence, they created six impact areas around which they developed a network. They found that the contributions Community Arts make to both individual and community well-being was threefold:

  1. Restore a sense of belonging and coherence as the ultimate indicator for a life well lived and well discovered.
  2. Strengthen the non-rivalrous side of human well- being and a create a substantial counterforce to escalating rival dynamic.
  3. Provide individuals with recognition for performance when those human needs are part of the rival fight over status in our society. Community Arts affect perceptions of fairness, higher social mobility, and a more equitable distribution of access to recognition (to be seen and appreciated by others).

(Source: “Somewhere Places”)

Taken from their Learning Lab panel presentation, this is a brief introduction on their approach, exemplified on "Arts for Climate":

A recording of the entire 30-minutes presentation is available for streaming. If you want to know more on the study, please get in touch with CAN via email.

Further pivotal parts of the Learning Lab’s program: