Activity Report 2020

Navigating a disruptive and volatile year

What will we remember when we look back at 2020 and the disruptions caused by COVID-19? Most prominent, of course, will be the unusual feeling of global anxiety imposed by the uncertainty of the pandemic, as well as the immense human suffering that traversed borders and oceans to reach every corner of the world. At the same time, we learned a great lesson about human adaptability and resilience - that we can react and act quickly as families, neighbors, societies, and companies, and that we can do it together.

How did we at the iac Berlin react to COVID-19? Like many other organizations, we focused on pragmatic adaptation and fast learning. Remote working, digital community hosting, and hybrid training formats quickly became our new normal. The pandemic sparked comprehensive change by radically challenging our routines and established methods.

At the iac Berlin, we believe that networks are far more successful at dealing with such complex and volatile situations than hierarchical and closed organizations.

In networks, information and proven solutions can be disseminated quickly. We can learn from each other, support each other as peers, and easily initiate joint campaigns.

Our conviction in the positive potential of networks permeates every report, evaluation, and story that you will find on the following pages. From such diverse communities as the Bosch Alumni Network and the Global Diplomacy Lab, to inspiring member-initiated projects, to the iac Berlin’s work in strategic mentoring.

We are proud to share the breadth of our work with you:

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