Connecting Networks

We’re bringing together institutions from across the field of philanthropy and beyond to develop the skills and leadership necessary to drive innovative change.

Foundations and other social institutions have developed strong relationships with large numbers of individuals and organizations dedicated to making a positive impact. We have provided them with resources, built capacity, advocated for causes, facilitated connections, and offered a wide range of other types of support. Yet few have found ways to further empower these people, their ideas, and their organizations beyond the direct, time-bound support of our established programs.

Connecting alumni – grantees, fellows, partners or employees – in a wider network is not only a great opportunity, it is a critical amplifier for our future impact. By instilling a shared sense of belonging and facilitating direct connections between these thousands of alumni, we can significantly increase the resources, engagements and ideas dedicated to making a positive difference in the world.

Connecting Networks is a community of about 30 foundations and non-profit organizations that are working to strengthen and further develop their approaches to building networks. Connecting Networks offers network-builders a learning environment that works on many different levels, offering regular training opportunities and peer exchange on topics such as shaping strategy, developing personal skills, solidifying organizational commitment, and building a community of peers.

Connecting Networks also combines engaging workshops and collaborative online learning with bespoke individual coaching. We work together with representatives from foundations across Europe to jointly identify opportunities and pathways to become a network-builder, learn new tools and techniques, and develop the skills and leadership necessary to drive the desired change and innovation. Together, our community inspires network-building across the field of philanthropy.

Find out more about the Connecting Networks journey in the brochure below.

Do you want to learn more or become a part of this network with your organization as well? Please get in touch with:

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Managing Director

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